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Let it all hang out. :3
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Point comissions are open, as you can see on the left of the page, my those are my examples; What is open:
Remember; 100 :points: = 1$

Headshot: 300 :points: Extra character 100 :points:, Shading 50 :points:

Fullbody: 500 :points: Extra character 200 :points:, Shading 100 :points:

Chibis: 150 :points: Extra character 50 :points: Shading UNAVAILABLE.

I will draw:
-Ferals (Canine, Feline, Dragons etc)
-Anthros (Canine, Feline, Dragons etc)
-Certain fetishes (i.e: AB/DL, Feet/Paws)

I won't draw:
-Certain Fetishes (i.e: Stuffing/weight gain, Scat, Water sports)
-Some animals (Just cause I can't and I don't have practice with them xD)

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Dallas ††
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

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♥ 2/2/2013 ♥
I won't breathe unless you breathe,
Won't bleed unless you bleed,
Won't be unless you be,
'Till I'm gone and I can sleep.... ♥

Sup, My name's Billie, But you can call me Huna~ I'm an asshole who loves doges. I am taken by the most wonderful man on earth, I love him to the core, and he is my love and my everything ♥
I hate dipshits and those yolo swag .... things, for a lack of a better word, but I will occasionaly let a 'yolo' out as a joke.
I'm fucking terrified of clowns, the dark, needles, rejection and ants, in that order. I pretty much hate people and I don't have many friends, but I will openly talk to you and if you note me we can chat ouo gore and blood fascinate me hnn I like tumblr if you want to add me anywhere... here is ways to contact me :

:bulletwhite: Skype: Snowdusk
:bulletwhite: Furaffinity:…
:bulletwhite: Just note me or leave a comment! :3
:bulletwhite: You can ask for my facebook, but in a note, but i might not give it to you, it depends on our relationship and how close we are.
:bulletwhite: Tumblr: HunaChima, I'll most likely follow you back

crazypepsii (haxxx) : i love you euheuheuhueuh <3

HunaChima by Feateon Wag by Feateon
I go alot between g and mm in this, be warned.

I had an impulse to do this, cause people seem to be really.. OMG UR DOIN THIS THIS AND THIS WRONG.

Soo, I've reached my goal size, I've been at my goal size for a good while now since.. Jan.. 2014? 

Anyway, I'm at a 00G (10mm)     And I used ACRYLIC tapers, which people seem to freak the fuck out on like omfg, don't use acrylic THEY'RE BADDDD.. I saw no problem with them.. Also people say not to leave tapers in... I had 4g tapers in for a good 4 months before I changed from 4 to 6g and my ears were fine, hell, I didn't feel anything the only metal tapers I used were for like, the 16g, basically the first ones that I left in for like.. 1 day xD 

Basically I went: from an 18g to a 00g which is 1mm to 1cm xD 

It was a paintrain, from 18g to 16 was nothing, but from 16g to 14g though.. I dry stretched... (when you don't prep/lube your ears or anything) .... I cried, it hurt like a bitch, I only got them halfway through.

I let them heal and then there was some delicious crusties on it (dry lymph, which is natural when a piercing is healing) the next day, I fiddled with them in class (removed the crusties, put the O rings back on) and when I put the O ring back on the first one, it was completely at the end.. wtf? well idk, the taper just went through like a hot knife in butter.

Anyway, that happened, and I didn't get to change my stretches until my birthday, that's when I bought my 4mm tapers 

Time passed and I got my xmas gift from my boyfriend, different sized tapers from 6 to 10mm and finally my pwetty gear stretches. 

My boyfriend helped me through 6mm to 10mm, what I did was stretch, let it heal for 3 days (ohmygod you're not supposed to do that that's bad fmffd shut up it worked for me.) then size up again. So basically one day I had a 6mm taper in, 3 days later I had the 8mm taper in one ear. 

The only thing that happened to me was that one of my lobes infected (not severly, just like, swollen and puss-y for a week) and that was because I had my stretch in one ear, I was at my goal size, and on the other I had the 10mm taper in, it was freshly stretched, but I kind of panicked because I had a screwback so I got my boyfriend to try and put the stretch in, didn't work, it infected blah it was gone within a week. 

Anyway, I can tell you for a fact that I only have a few tiny fissures in my lobe, and I never got any blowouts even if I didn't give my ear the time to 'heal properly' 

My naked lobes are impressive, they're nice and almost perfectly round. 

No bitching about how I stretched please, it's been 9 months and I've had no problems with them, I just felt like sharing.


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